Sunset Avenue Art

Welcome to the 2022- 2023 year Sunset Art page! Below you will find
information about art contests, art expos, donations, fundraisers, art projects, and
our exciting new art clubs!

Art Contests
-North Carolina State School Board Elementary Poster Contest
The contest was for students to express their love and appreciation for their
teachers. We completed this contest in September. We had a great 5th grade
submission and we are currently awaiting results.

Art by Nakyiah Owens 5th Grade

- Clinton City Schools Holiday Card Contest

This is an annual contest put on by the Clinton City School administration.
This year's theme is “Winter Wonderland.” One artwork from each school is
submitted for the card contest. We are currently working on this contest. Check
back for the artwork that will represent our Sunset Avenue School! Below is last year's winner!


Jaylah Joyner 5th Grader 2021 SAS Winner

- North Carolina Farm to School Art Contest

 This is a statewide contest that we will participate in November. We are creating art that represents North Carolina state crops. Winners will be published in a NC Agriculture calendar.

Art Projects

  • Hispanic Heritage Month Project

Our project was published in the Clinton City School weekly memo and we are very proud of the work we did for this project. Below is the article.

Shout to Mrs. Mallory Strickland and Mrs. Luz Ortega for celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with their students in Art Class at SAS. Mrs. Strickland is partnering with Luz Ortega for her Hispanic heritage month lesson. Ms. Ortega is going to be teaching about the Panama region to her third and fourth graders, while in art, students will be doing Panama Molas art in art class.

5th graders will be doing mosaic art of different Hispanic flags. They can choose which flag to do for their art. The flag can represent their Heritage/culture or be a country that they would like to visit or are interested in.

Of course we always celebrate Hispanic Heritage month by learning and celebrating artist Frida Kahlo!

Pictures of traditional Panama Molas are below.

American Indian Heritage Month Project

We will begin this project In November. We will learn about this heritage and how art is used in this culture. Each grade will focus on a different project.

  •             5th graders will be making dream catchers
  •             4th graders will be making totem poles
  •             3rd graders will be making medallions


Here are totem poles from last year’s project!

Black History Month Project

Each grade learns about an important Black Artist and does a project based on their artwork.

            3rd Graders learn about Faith Ringgold and create a tork quilt

            4th Graders learn about Alma Thomas and create a mosaic art

            5th Graders learn about Jacob Lawrence and create a cityscape. 

Earth Day Recycle Project

Students learn about recycling and create art from recycled items.


Clay Pot Projects

Students learn about the history of clay making and create their own clay pots. 

Art Clubs

  • Sunset Art Club (SAC)

This club is for 4th and 5th graders and will take place afterschool. Students have to complete applications and be accepted into this club. Due to the overwhelming applications, a waitlist has been created. There are 30 members of this art club. Below is the information and requirements for this club.


Meetings are from  3:15pm to 4:30pm in the Art Room. Below are the dates for our club meetings.

Oct. 24th, Nov. 7th, Nov. 21st, Dec. 5th, Dec. 19th, Jan. 16th, Jan. 30th, Feb. 6th, Feb. 20th, Mar. 6th, Mar. 20th, Apr. 3rd, Apr. 24th

Meetings are subject to change under certain circumstances. If any changes occur, I will send out a notification on Dojo.

SAC Requirements and Guidelines

Due to all the amazing applications to join Sunset Art Club, there is a waitlist for membership!

There are other students hoping to participate so there will be guidelines for membership. Below are the following requirements and guidelines all students will be expected to meet. Failure to meet these requirements and guidelines will result in your dismissal from the club.


Attendance & Transportation

  • Students must have their own transportation since meetings are after school hours.
  • Students must be picked up promptly at 4:30pm. After 4:45pm a student is considered a late pickup. More than 2 late pickups and the student will be dismissed from the club.
  • Students cannot miss more than 2 club meetings.


  • Students will be expected to participate in class and show effort in their work!
  • Students will be responsible for maintaining their grades and being exemplary students in class.
  • Grades must have a 75 average or higher to maintain membership. Otherwise students will become ineligible so they can focus on improving their grades.


  • Students must exemplify HORSE behaviors at all times by being Honest, Orderly, Respectful, Safe, and Engaged! This includes in all your classes, on the bus, and art club meetings.
  • Students will be expected to follow classroom rules and expectations.
  • Art Club students should demonstrate respectful behavior and should not be subject to disciplinary measures from the office. Students need to be responsible for their actions and make good choices!


  • Students must show an interest in art.
  • They must use their art supplies properly both in class and during meetings.
  • Students should always TRY their best and show effort in their work!

Please make sure you follow all guidelines and requirements so that you do not lose your spot!

I look forward to an AMAZING first year of Sunset Art Club! We will explore different techniques, styles, mediums, and create really cool art!

Junior Art Club

Junior art club is for our 3rd graders. Due to the overwhelming applications, I had to separate the grades to allow for more participants. Junior art club will meet during school hours during our designated “Club Days” starting in November.  More information and dates will be posted soon!



Check back for updates and projects posted for both clubs throughout the year!


Youth Art Month

We celebrate Youth Art Month (YAM) every March. We will have contests and a Spirit Week.


Stay tuned for more information as we approach March 2023!


Donations/ Fundraisers

Donations of art supplies are always welcome! Some supplies that are in constant need are pencils, glue sticks, colored pencils, and markers. If special project art supply needs arise, I may post on Dojo about a donation event that parents are welcome to contribute towards.


We will have at least one fundraiser a year. This year's fundraiser will be held next semester in January/ February. I will make announcements about the fundraiser on Dojo. Check back for more information.


Art Expos

Every year we have at least two art expos in the Spring: the Sampson County Art Expo and the Clinton City Schools Expo. The Sampson County Art expo is a judging expo and Sunset Avenue had multiple winners last year. We are hoping for the same this year. The Clinton City Schools Expo is not a judging expo but artwork is displayed for families and the community to enjoy!




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